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I bet this is you...

You wanna make a living as a blogger. It just hasn't worked out yet. Just another set of ad campaigns, another guest post or another blog post and that will be your big breakthrough...

You're stuck with less than 10.000 followers on your social networks... and barely even attract 10.000 visitors a month to your blog.

You focus on growing your following and visitors, but it just doesn't work out. You're publishing a lot of blog posts, but all you hear is crickets..

You hear everybody talk about Pinterest, but you don't understand how to have your pins seen and clicked on

You wish you had a big following so you can reach out to brands to work with you. Right now you don't have the courage and you don't know how to work with brands like Disney, Universal or Mailchimp.

You're constantly switching your strategy and blog niche, trying new things by changing your direction. If you switch it up, the fame and money will come right?

You feel uninspired and you need some new energy to kickstart your blog or biz if you wanna keep doing this the rest of your life (not just a quick buck today)

You're wondering how to spend zero on marketing and make the best out of free publicity.

You need a monthly and proven strategy.

You're having a hard time keeping your blog stats consistent and stable. One month you really go for it with 50 blog posts and a lot of visitors, the next you publish two posts and see your visitor number drop

You are tired of sending out hundreds of cold pitches every month to find new blog sponsors.

You feel like a fakepreneur: you work hard, 24/7 but don't make any or enough money. You did not make any money the past few months... you need to refocus!

UHH DUH, you cannot wait to make money with your passion

Do you relate to this? Yeah, me too, 8 years back. I tried hard to make it work, and I did!

And I'm happy to help you with the strategies that I use today to work as a fulltime blogger!



After Blogging Wave You'll:

➼ Understand that it's not necessary to have a massive following, if you wanna make money as a blogger.

➼ You'll understand how to have money coming in each month, without worries

➼ You'll know how bloggers with a small following make money.

➼ You'll have a daily plan that helps you focus on the right things, to make a living as a blogger.

➼ You know how to reach new audiences and how to fully reach each potential, you know, just in case you do wanna grow your audience.

➼ You know how to market yourself for free, but also where to invest if you want to grow faster.


Introducing: Blogging Wave. The course that helps you make a living with a small blog, with less than 10.000 followers.


Here’s a small taste of what you can expect to learn when you enroll in Blogging Wave:

Blogging Wave Module 3

  • Best practices to grow from 0 to 10.000 followers (or more!)
  • Setting your blog up for monetizing
  • Keep the buzz going
  • Email marketing
  • Strategically craft amazing but strategic content
  • Staying on top of your game by crafting content for all the different channels that are out there now (without going insane)
  • Everything you need to know and change right now for a search engine optimization strategy that works for bloggers
  • How to write social media content that shows your talent and lands you jobs
  • How to write like a pro
  • Leadmagnets
  • How to keep people engaged when posting less
  • Podcasting
  • Content marketing
  • Amazing traffic drivers that work today

Blogging Wave Module 4

  • Using the media to grow your online audience and influence
  • Creating your Media Kit – A media kit that lands you $
  • Cold pitch to anyone
  • How to implement free publicity in your blog strategy

Blogging Wave Module 5

  • How I make money blogging with a small following
  • Strategic blogging a step by step process
  • Ways you can monetize your blog and social media today
  • How to automate your monetizing
  • How to know your price: what can you ask for collaborations and what are industry standards?
  • Different ways to earn money as a blogger + the exact strategic plans to make it work for you
  • Products that sell
  • Blogging and passive income
  • A done for you Instagram monetization plan
  • A done for you Pinterest monetization plan
  • 5 Top ways to make passive income
  • How to have blog sponsors reach out to you
  • Strategies to go from 0 to $2000 a month
  • Strategies to go from $2000 to $10.000 a month

Blogging Wave Module 6

  • Boosting sales with a regular launch strategy
  • How to market yourself as a professional blogger
  • Automating social media like a professional (not just like a robot!)
  • How to launch with Instagram + Stories
  • Sales page strategies that work
  • Marketing Strategies that changed everything and let me earn 5x more.
  • Action plans to get you started
  • Templates + planners to help you implement all the strategies

Blogging Wave Module 7

  • Blogging networks that will help you make money
  • Blogging tools you need to go PRO
  • Case Study: How I earned $5000 in one weekend on Instagram (with less than 10.000 followers!)
  • Blog planner
  • Passive income ebook
  • Blog traffic + sales calendar (yes really)
  • 100 post ideas for when you feel uninspired
  • Blogging Basics and weekly to do checklists
  • Never run out of ideas again, tips to set up a professional editorial calendar that works
  • The tech training you need
  • Writing + blogging tips for pro's

And so much more that will transform your thinking and blog!






Hi, I'm Noni May and I’m committed to helping bloggers, small biz owners, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs & professionals create a business + life they’re happy about through awesome courses and blog coaching!

Besides business, blogging, social media, marketing/PR and money talk, I also blog about all things travel! I travel as often as possible, I’d call myself a digital nomad.

  • I've been blogging for over 12 years
  • I studied marketing, PR and journalism
  • I love helping small businesses and bloggers with their business skills, pitching to press and sponsors and growing their income while running a location independent business.
  • I've been fulltime blogger the past 5 years, making over $1000 a month (but more often 5 figure months!) with just a small following of less than 50.000 followers.

I have previously worked with brands like:

How I did all of this?

Let me help you with Blogging Wave!




Get started now!



Bloggers: I'm pretty sure you're doing fine blogging and maybe even earning some money. But you've never made $5k or $10k in a month have you? I'm teaching you various ways to monetize your blog and if you take each of these income streams to the next level, it's not as far out of reach as you might think!

Requirements to enter and succeed this course:

➼ I would recommend you start a blog first. If you don't have one yet, check out my tutorial on how to set up your self hosted blog first.
➼ If you're fairly new to blogging, I suggest you follow my course Content Empire first, to make sure you understand some of the jargon and more advanced strategies I may use.

DISCLAIMER: The course is a step-by-step process of what works for me. But please know that you have to put in some work and time into this course in order to make this the success story I know you are! ;)

➼ You don't have a blog and you don't intend to start one anytime soon.
➼ You're looking for the secret hack to get rich online soon. Sorry pal, but this course requires work.
➼ If you're looking for instructive video's or a step by step course that show you the technical side of building an online course and writing ebooks (Psst.. the secret is this tool!).
➼ You're new to blogging and don't know anything about analytics, SEO, content marketing and more. I suggest you check out my blog starter course 'Content Empire' first.
➼ You don't have your blog systems set up yet. You don't have an editorial calendar, you don't have a niche etc. I suggest you check out my blog starter course 'Content Empire' first.


You got questions? I got answers.

I already have a blog/social media account with more than 10.000 followers, is this course still useful for me?

I'd say so yes! I personally have over 10k followers nowadays, and still use these tactics to earn a living. If you have less than 500.000 followers you will probably benefit from these strategies. If you have more than half a million followers its just easier to work on getting sponsorships, and you'll probably get a lot of requests anyways.

To make money with a small following you have to spend money right?

No, not really. I try to focus in the course on strategies that are completely free. I don't have a module about advertising. Let's start with the free strategies first right? I do use a couple of tools that I pay a monthly fee for, you are completely free to use them or not.

Are these strategies new? I've read a lot on the internet already.

Back in the days I'd sit behind my computer and spent more time Googling things than actually work on my blogging strategies itself. Most articles are outdated and are very targeted to bloggers with a big following or focused on spending money on advertising to grow. Basically, these strategies focus on growing your blog, over making money with just a small following. Therefore, I'd recon you should enroll in this course. Don't waste any time on growing your audience. Focus on making money and growth while making money!

Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

Yes, ofcourse, I offer a refund if you're not completely happy! If you went through the course and took all the actions without feeling completely satisfied, I'm happy to give you a refund if you contact me within 14 days. Check out the refund policy here. The only requirement I ask is that you show me that you've done the work and that you're not seeing any results. I'm sharing tons of strategies in this course, but they won't work unless you put in the effort. I would also appreciate some feedback, so I can help you with updates or new blog posts.

When does the course start and finish?

Blogging Wave is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish but we will release one module every couple of days after enrollmentt. The full course has 5 modules (covering several topics, each with tutorial videos and text lessons) and a bonus module with a lot of bonuses!

You can start immediately after enrolling with any bonus courses and the bonus module!

How long do I have access to this course?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Is there a Blogging Wave community?

As you might have guessed, I'm a blogger and online entrepreneur. I live my dreams by traveling fulltime and living a life I love. Unfortunately, I'm not that big on social media and because I'm a busy bee, I prefer to put all my efforts and work into the course itself, the emails I receive from students and my own blog instead of running a community. I hope to add new members to the team that can moderate a community in the near future. My students can always email me their questions and I'm happy to assist you with any additional information and/or help!

Can I enroll later?

Yes you can join a later round of Blogging Wave, but I can't promise there will be the same bonuses and course price available.

Can I sign up for the newsletter to stay updated about the next opening? I don't really have the money now.

Yes, sign up to my newsletter here, but good news: I also have a payment plan available.


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14-day money back guarante

I offer a full refund if you're not completely happy! If you went through the course and took all the actions without feeling completely satisfied, I'm happy to give you a refund if you contact me within 14 days.

Check out the refund policy here. The only requirement I ask is that you show me that you've done the work and that you're not seeing any results. I'm sharing tons of strategies in this course, but they won't work unless you put in the effort. I would also appreciate some feedback, so I can help you with updates or new blog posts.